Summer Solstice

Since the dawn of man, celebrations arise for the longest day of the year. The summer solstice marks the time of high rivers, abundant growth, and opulent daylight to explore. Some cultures of the past attribute such prosperity to various pagan gods and others to fairies and mythical beings. For Hopes End, the wine born in the darkness that camouflaged the world’s sin, the summer solstice might not seem like our thing, but the lore and tradition impresses us…and June 21st, 2019 might motivate us to manipulate the virtue of daylight into our own kind of fun…



Masquerading in the summer’s productivity is the pure animalistic nature of humanity. The Earth tilts and rotates its northern hemisphere closer towards its brilliant star, and the celestial magic shimmers down upon its inhabitants. Inexplicably, the tides of the bright season take over and release our inner compulsions that hid deep within us from the darkness of winter. This inner release has translated, throughout the centuries, amongst many things, to indulgent celebrations. Our favorites include playing with fire. Fire is common throughout the world, from enormous barrel bonfires in Norway to hundreds of fires lining the spines of Austrian mountains.



While setting a mountain ablaze might be beyond your reach, you can find yourself a celebration stateside with an all-day yoga session in Times Square, partying in Anchorage or Santa Barbara, or re-connecting with your traditional pagan in Lindsborg. We won’t direct and, consequently, limit your celebrations by telling you what to do on June 21st, but if you do anything to see off the sun this Summer Solstice, be sure to welcome the ensuing darkness with the same gusto.